Facebook Ads and User Expectations

We’re back again with another Facebook ads critique.

Click here to access your own version of the Facebook Ads Ad Board.

This is where you can see all the ads currently targeting your demographic. It’s a fantastic way to see which ads perform well over time. You can also get some fantastic new ideas - just by watching what others are doing.

I have some ads in my ad board. The first one I want to show you is the one that says, “Don’t buy a house,” Moneymorning.com.au. The ad itself reads, “Don’t borrow a single cent until you’ve read this free report which reveals the shocking truth of why homes are 61% over-priced.”

Now, as an ad itself, I think it’s fantastic. “Don’t borrow a single cent until you’ve read this.” I want to go and read it. Let’s have a look at what their web site says. This is their web site. Does anyone see anything whatsoever about why homes are over-priced 61% and what we need to read? I don’t see it. This is a real disconnect between what the ad is telling us and what we expect when we land on their web page.

If you’re going to advertise something fantastic and get people to spend money to click on your ad, please make sure that you make a special landing page for those ads. That way we get exactly what we are expecting when we come here. This was not what we expected to see.

I hope this is helpful information & helps you take your Facebook marketing to the next level!

If you have any questions at all about Facebook ads, please visit our Facebook page by clicking here: FBadsLAB on Facebook.

Be sure to introduce yourself. It’s great to meet “face to face”. icon smile Facebook Ads and User Expectations

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