Facebook Sponsored Stories Get Results?

The most recent addition to Facebook’s advertising platform, Sponsored Stories, has brought plenty of discussion and controversy to internet marketing circles.

What are Facebook Sponsored Stories?

Sponsored stories combine content that is both user driven and paid for by the advertiser. Brands that are seeing success with this format are the same huge, well-known brands that have interactive, vibrant fan pages with thousands of fans. They’ve taken that Fan Page engagement one step further, paid for a Sponsored Story ad, and now, to their fans, they’re everywhere.

Will Sponsored Stories work for my business?

Generally speaking, Sponsored Stories are not going to be successful when used on their own. They’re relatively hidden in the sidebar, and blend in with generic content. Check out the image below, and you’ll see what I mean.

Facebook Sponsored Stories

When paying for a Sponsored Story, be sure to choose carefully where it will be displayed on the site. As you can see, the sponsored story here blends right in with birthday announcements and other paid advertising.

We suggest Sponsored Stories only for brands that have a strategic Facebook marketing plan. If your company is making full use of your Facebook Page, Facebook Events, and Facebook Ads, you may want to consider adding a Sponsored Story to your portfolio. However, this is not recommended for 90% of the businesses on Facebook.

To make this a success, you need LOTS of authentic, user generated content and activity on your page and via Facebook Places.

What should you do if you’re NOT a huge brand? Most businesses using Facebook and social media don’t have a dedicated Social Media Team or an endless marketing budget. There is hope!

What if I am a Small Business Owner?

Small business owners can leverage the power of Facebook by starting with a personal profile. Start simple. Get to know what Facebook is all about by participating as a “user” first. Get in touch with old friends, connect with family, share photos, updates, and videos with your friends.

Once you understand what it’s all about, then get yourself a business page. A Facebook page for your business is completely free, and doesn’t need to be fancy or elaborate. I suggest you begin with the full name of your business and get 25 fans as quickly as possible. (25 fans is enough for you to claim your custom URL: http://www.Facebook.com/FBadsLAB)

When you’re all set with your business page, and you have secured your customer URL, then focus on engaging with your fans. The keys to engagement are: asking questions, uploading photos, sharing videos, linking your blog posts, commenting on user posts, etc.

The next step is to promote your page via Facebook Ads. Use the strategies shared here on this blog and inside the FBadsLAB Members Area to build a solid fan base using Facebook Ads.

Then - and only then - do we recommend you look into Sponsored Stories.

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