Facebook PPC Ads: Targeting for Profits

If you aren’t finding much luck by advertising on Facebook, perhaps one of your problems is targeting. This is one step in your ads that can make a huge difference in whether you find success with your campaign or not.

You have to make sure you are targeting the right market in order to have a successful campaign but, how do you do it?

Here are a few steps to help you choose the right demographics for your campaign.

1) Start by thinking about who your primary customer is. This should be relatively simple, but here are a few examples.

Your Product is a recipe ebook. Generally it will be sold to women who cook. What else can you think of that would describe a woman who cooks? Possibly married, a mom, etc.

So, what would be in her profile? It could be a description of her children, married as her relationship status, etc. Now you can use these ideas to help you choose keywords and ages for your campaign.

Let’s try another example:

You are selling a dog potty training product. What ages and what keywords could you target? To start with, you will want adults, so begin with early 20′s and go up to 40′s or 50′s. Then you want to choose someone who likes animals, has pets, likes dogs, etc.

2) Use some tools to help you choose your demographics. One tool is Quantcast. This is a website that tells you about the demographics of different websites. When you visit Quantcast.com, you are going to type in a domain that your target market will often visit. For the recipe book, you’ll want to use a site like allrecipes.com. Let’s look at the results:

What you see here, are the ages, sex, income, race, and education of the people that are most likely to visit Allrecipes.com. On the bottom of the image you see other websites they are likely to visit. You can use this information to choose keywords your market likes in your campaign.

3) Now that you have some decent information about your target market, you should play with it a bit. See what you can bid on and put in a few different websites and grab the demographics for them. You’ll want to make a different campaign for each demographic you think will convert for your product. The more targeted each campaign is, the more likely you are to find the one with the most success, and those that aren’t making you money.

Another tool you can play with is http://www.compete.com it also shows demographics that will be helpful in building your campaign. What other tools or advice do you have in building a campaign for Facebook?


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