FBAdsLab Is Featured in Social Media Woman Magazine

Social Media Woman magazine published my article “7 Steps to Successfully Marketing with Facebook” in the latest issue. I thought I’d post the highlights here for you.

Facebook advertising works best if you have a website that is already converting. Facebook is probably not going to help if you have a sluggish website that isn’t turning visitors into buyers. However, if you have a good converting offer, advertising on Facebook can help you get a lot of targeted traffic to your website.

The first thing you should do is to create a fan page. As you build your fan base, you have many more opportunities to interact with your customers than if you just sent them to your site. You also need a unique landing page with a targeted message for visitors. After you’ve set up these basics, I outline the 7 Steps:

  1. Research: It pays to research strategies as well as your market before spending any money on advertising.
  2. Marketing: Be creative and think like your audience.
  3. Demographics: Use keywords, age, gender, location, marital status, employer, likes and interests to target your customers.
  4. Budget: Set a low budget for each campaign and each ad during the testing phase.
  5. Track: Watch your conversions carefully to be sure you’re making a profit; Keep in mind that FB stats are not in real-time and there can be long delays.
  6. Work: You have to work! Test, fail, get creative, test again… It’s an ongoing process that requires effort and dedication.
  7. Continually create new ads: You need to create fresh new ads each week to avoid ad fatigue. It’s crucial to keep your ads engaging and unique.

To read more, check out the entire article online for free:

http://socialmediawoman.com/smwmarch/ (pages  8-9)

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