Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Screen shot 2011 09 09 at 10.41.10 PM Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Image is Everything!

I can’t emphasize enough how critical images are in Facebook PPC advertising.

They are the single most important aspect of your ad.

Tests have been done using fabricated ads, with absolute gibberish in the headline and nonsensical ad copy but a fantastic, inviting image. And guess what? People clicked!

It is estimated that 70% of the success or failure of ads is determined by images and only 30% by the headline and body combined.

The image you select will make or break your ad.

Screen shot 2011 09 09 at 10.45.40 PM Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Too much skin for Facebook Ads?

When choosing photos, keep in mind that Facebook is very particular about the user experience and insists that images in ads are appropriate. They will disapprove ads if they’re not a good fit. In other words, images must make sense with the overall ad. According to Facebook, ads will be denied for the following reasons: if they’re deemed inappropriate, irrelevant, racy, too suggestive, or too revealing. So, you can’t show too much skin. icon wink Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Trying to find the right image is where most people fail.

Follow these tips, and you’ll beat the crowd!

iStock 000002765246XSmall 300x213 Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Dark Images Grab Attention

You can go to iStockPhoto or Shutterstock or Flickr’s Creative Commons to find photos. But you’ve got to stay away from those traditional “stock photo” type images that have a bunch of people dressed in business suits because those are obviously staged and formulaic and they don’t appeal to people. Ideally, your image will be one people can relate to.

Once you find the right Facebook ad image, it’s time to jazz it up!

FBAdPhoto1 Red Border Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Add a border

When you find a photo that works and is getting a really good clickthrough rate, then take that photograph and add a border to it or round the corners. Have another image with the same photo, where you add something else. You might want to add the price over the top of your image or something along those lines so that it stands out.

Add a double border so it looks like it’s a double mounted photograph, so you have a black border and then a red border. That stands out really well too. We always create a couple of different versions of every photo, and test, test, test!!

Screen shot 2011 09 09 at 10.49.53 PM Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Text Only Images Work Too!

Do logos work as Facebook PPC ad images?

For quite some time, images based solely on logos or text weren’t the most successful. In recent days, however, I’ve started to notice some clever images using text. If you’re going to go the photo-free route, you do have to be sure to make the image attention-grabbing and visually interesting.

Generally speaking, we have more success when using photos of people smiling.

If it’s possible for you to incorporate your logo or some text along with a photo, that is a great way to go too. Think big, bold images that speak to your ad on their own and be sure the image fits the whole space.

Screen shot 2011 09 09 at 11.02.09 PM Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

Symbols and Shapes Get Results!

A great way to test the effectiveness of your ad’s image is to step away from your computer and see if you can tell at a glance what is being advertised. You want people to understand what’s in the photo without them having to look too closely at it. If it is eye-catching, makes sense, and seems to be speaking to the product or service you’re offering, you’re good to go!

Have you been testing different images, shapes, and symbols in your Facebook ads?

Your thoughts and opinions are important to me. Let me know what questions you have about photos and images by commenting in the box below.

I look forward to reading your ideas & questions!

4d566de7d71dfa46508cfc2cccc28f3c Too much skin for Facebook PPC ads?

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