Get Your Facebook Ads Approved: What ‘they’ don’t want you to know!

One of the most common questions people have is, “Why is my ad being rejected by Facebook?” This sometimes happens even when you’re trying to resubmit an exact duplicate of an ad that is already running successfully on Facebook.

“They” don’t want you to know these tricks because this frustration causes most new advertisers to quit prematurely - leaving the market open for experienced marketers to continue to profit. YOU will be different. YOU will not give up so easily. YOU will persist!


There are things you can do to help your ads get approved:

●     First of all, you can start a new campaign. Take the duplicate ad, a copy of an ad you’ve already had approved, and create an entirely new campaign with a new name. This sometimes works.

●     Another thing you can try is to submit your ad for approval on a different day or different time of day. You may get a different Facebook reviewer and your ad may be approved. Additionally, weekends are notorious for having a high disapproval rate. If you submit an ad on Friday night, chances are it won’t get approved until Monday. On the other hand, an ad submitted on Monday morning may get approved in ten minutes! So try again during the week.

●     The last thing you can try is using a completely different angle altogether. Even if the image from one ad and text from another have been approved in the past and are running successfully, they won’t be approved when combined together in a new ad if they are incongruous. So even if they were approved separately, make sure the image and ad copy make sense when combined.

●     Lastly, if those three things fail, consider the reason your ad has been disapproved. Did Facebook say that they’re not able to publish your ad due to inappropriate content? If you’re advertising weight loss, exercise, or making money online, know that these topics tend to have a high disapproval rate because it’s a gray area. Often the disapproval rate for these types of ads is quite high. But if what you’re advertising is legit and a valid offer and you’re not breaking terms & conditions, you can usually get a good percentage of your ads through. So keep re-submitting. Chances are it’s a good ad and different from what’s out there. Mundane ads get approved very easily and it’s not uncommon for a really interesting and potentially successful ad to be rejected as many as ten times before being approved. So keep trying. Experiment with different days, times, images, and campaigns until you get it approved. Don’t give up!

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