How To Avoid Landing Page Mistakes With Facebook Ads

Today we’re talking about healthy landing pages for your Facebook ads. When you’re advertising with Facebook ads and PPC, you can send your traffic directly to your fan page or to a landing page. It’s very important that you think carefully about where you’re going to send your traffic.

Here are some ads that are being advertised on Facebook right now. Your ad is one thing, but where you are going to send your traffic is completely different.

Notice that Facebook is publishing the name of the URL where you can go and see the landing page. That’s what I’ve done. I’ve typed in the URL for a few web sites that I have seen regularly advertising with Facebook. I’d like to show you a few of them now so that we can look at the differences between some good landing pages and some not so good landing pages.

It’s quite clear why this landing page is successful. It’s very clear that they’re advertising exactly what you would expect. We have thongs, which are flip flops, for $12.50 a pair. Shipping is only $2.00. They have an option where you can sign up to join their mailing list. They have a few pictures of different flip flops that you could choose from. This is a very simple landing page. It is quite clear what they want you to do when you land on this page.

This is another page that has been very successful with Facebook ads. They have fleecy tights and that’s all they have. It is quite clear here how much they are and what they want you to do when you land on this landing page. This is the kind of thing that you want to consider when you’re advertising on Facebook.

Alternatively, we have this page, Curves. It’s a fitness club. When you land on this landing page, how different is it from the first two? It’s completely different. They’re asking you for all of your details. They’re all required fields. They are asking you right up front for your name and basically everything that you could possibly tell them.

I find that so confronting! I don’t recommend that you do this kind of thing for Facebook ads. I think it would work much better if they just had a simple button and asked for the opt-in instead of asking for all of this detail.

Here’s another page. This one is advertising a competition where you could win a free night stay in a hotel. When I land on the page, that is not what I notice first. I notice the pizza and the hotel club banner ad at the top.

I don’t know what else this landing page is for. It looks like a blog to me, but they have all kinds of bits and pieces all over the place. I’m not sure what they want me to do. I really doubt that this landing page is converting for these people. I don’t know how this could possibly be working. This is completely different from when you land on a page and know exactly what you are supposed to do there.

This is another landing page that’s quite concerning. There are warnings everywhere. They’re trying to do something creative, where they are putting in the date or the time on a countdown timer. It’s not working, so they haven’t tested it.

Take a look at the warnings. There is a warning here, there on the side and on the top. You don’t want your landing page full of warnings. They haven’t tested this properly. Now they are paying for these ads. It’s a real waste. It’s a shame.

Please be very careful with your landing pages. I hope these tips have helped you choose landing pages that will work for your business.

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