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Some businesses and marketers create a Facebook fan page just because they can. They let the page go stale and still expect them to deliver marketing returns. Having a Facebook Fan Page does not guarantee customers or followers; and it does take some effort to make your page stand out from the thousands of pages created in Facebook. A fan page has to bring something new to the table for it to be noticed by the people that matter to your business.

A fan page can really support your Facebook Advertising program. It does not have to be boring – Facebook allows for a wide array of features to be added to your page, and a fan page can be manipulated according to your needs.

Your Facebook Fan Page can be whatever you need it to be: it can be a connection hub for your website and other social network profiles; it can be a social media resource that offers possible clients information that they need to point them to your product; it can be a store where you can sell actual products; or it can be a mini site with sign-up forms, downloads and all other hmtl-based elements.

All of these can be done by using available applications in Facebook, particularly the static FBML application which adds a box to a Facebook Fan Page which can render HTML or FBML (Facebook Markup Language). Some people are now using iframed WordPress sites as their FB Fan Page.

Here are some tips to make your Facebook Fan Page standout:

• Give out a “website” feel to your page. Modify the layout according to your needs. Use visually appealing images that give users an idea of what your product or service is all about. Make your layout stand out – give users a unique experience instead of the usual “Facebook” experience which they can easily get just by going to their wall.

• Connect with your fans. Give users other ways to connect with you – provide sign up forms, emails, a website link and other social media links. Make it easy for users to contact you online and offline. This gives out a professional vibe and users will generally feel that you care about them.

• Build up your fan base. Nobody wants a stale page, interact with your fans. Say “Hello” and thank each and every one of them for liking your page. This particular strategy builds loyalty. Answer questions as soon as you can and start discussions too.

• Convert fans to actual clients. Most users don’t want to leave the main Facebook page unless they really need to. Links to your website and other online presence is important to your fan page but having them on your page will not guarantee sign-ups. Use Static FBML to create a sign-up form where users can sign-up directly from your Facebook page. This is a very convenient way for users to subscribe to your newsletter and will also help you track the effectiveness of your Facebook Advertising.

• Include a Call to Action. Your Facebook Fan Page, as with all websites, should have a purpose – whether it is to follow your page, sign-up for your newsletter, fill up a contact form, check out your website or to purchase a product. Make sure your call to action is clear and direct. You don’t want people to go into your Facebook Fan Page and leave empty-handed, because no instruction was given. Be clear, be concise, ask directly and users will follow.

Following the tips above will help make your FB Page standout but it will ultimately rely on your creativity as a marketer. Facebook Advertising can be tricky for novices, but seeking expert help, and having a standout Facebook Fan Page are great first steps to help your business and online presence grow.

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