Optimizing Your Facebook Ads

As a marketer there is one thing you should always be doing, and it is possibly the one thing that most marketers take for granted and do not do. That one thing is optimizing your ads, by testing them.

Each and every part of your ad should be tested. You can make multiple ads and, assuming they are all accepted, you should make very small changes in each of them. From here, you need tracking. Whichever program or option you use for tracking, be sure to compare all of your results.

This is going to take some extra work. For instance, for your ads, you will want to run at least two at a time with one or two word changes. You might change the image in one ad, and that will be the variable you are testing, or you can change your call to action.

The landing pages you use should also be tested. Variables include the headline, sub headline, bullets, calls to action, etc.

You might be surprised to find that one word changes can make a big difference in conversions. A call to action such as “Click to visit now” can produce different results from “Click to visit today.”

Another variable you should be testing is time. Your ad will run at all times unless you specify otherwise. You can use your tracking program to see how conversions, sales, leads change based on the day of the week, the time of the day, etc. You may find that weekends convert better, or perhaps you receive fewer leads.

Testing Options
There are two ways to consistently test. One way that is most common is A/B testing. A/B testing is where you make very subtle changes to the ad, image, and headline on Facebook. You would also make very small changes on your landing page and have visitors rotated between the two pages. This option takes longer but gives you more specific results.

The other testing option is making more radical changes to your campaign. For instance, your headline for your ad for dog training might be: “Train Your Dog In 1 Day.” To test it this way, you would try something completely different, such as: “Instant Puppy Training.” This option for testing is supposed to help you get faster results as you take the one that has the best results and then try something else.

Whichever option you use to test your campaigns, the point is that it is very important. Testing can save you hundreds on clicks, increase your leads/conversions, and improve your ROI. If you aren’t testing right now, you have no idea how much you are losing because of it. Take some time to consider what this could mean to your bottom line.

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