The 3 Main Criteria For Effective Facebook Fan Page Marketing

It is one of Facebook’s requirements for users to provide their real names and build real relationships. This gives businesses a great avenue to forge authentic connections. Businesses involved in fan page marketing often create Facebook pages that are interactive and have all their information up front, but it is ideal for them to be a real presence in their fan pages as well. However, many people have trouble with this, knowing that in order to gain followers they need to humanize their products or services.

Internet marketers and business owners have to clearly understand how and why a fan page works and create their Facebook Advertising campaigns accordingly. They need to research their competition or check other FB fan pages to see what works and what doesn’t and learn from those examples. If in doubt, there are experts in facebook advertising and fan page marketing who can help.

There are three main criteria for building an effective FB fan page:

1. Cohesiveness. Business owners and Internet marketers have to present a unified fan page. FB users need to know that the fan page they are visiting is the official fan page of your business. All important information should be up front and all contact info completely accessible.

2. Authenticity. In order for your Facebook fan page marketing to work, you work at creating bonds with your followers. User interaction is a must, so be sure to keep it simple and relevant to your products/services. Be realistic in your approach and users will see that you are the real thing.

3. User-centricity. Users need to know that you, as a business, cares about them enough to answer their concerns. Interact with them. Build your fan page design according to the expectations of your demographics, but be sure not to lose your identity as a business. Make followers feel important, offer them incentives, a genuine user experience, and entice would-be followers with exclusive content.

These criteria make for a very effective Facebook Fan Page Marketing; you just need to know how to use them efficiently.

Figuring out how to get the desired traffic and customer conversion doesn’t have to be challenging. It can take some effort and patience, but once you figure out the combination that works for you, you’ll be amazed at what you can do with your Facebook advertising. Not all combination works though, as an Internet marketer/business owner you would have to be vigilant about the ever changing trends of the Facebook community. Each demographic requires a different approach but ultimately, it all boils down to these three main factors: Cohesiveness, Authenticity and User-centricity.

Always remember that there are experts in this field who are able to set up your fan page marketing for you – so if it is outside your skills set, don’t think you can’t include it as part of your overall business marketing strategy.

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