Women 55+ Are on Facebook and Looking at Your Ads!

Hey, everyone! It’s Jennifer from FBAdsLab.com. Today, I want to talk to you about one of the very hidden opportunities on Facebook and especially with Facebook Advertising. The fastest growing market on Facebook is women 55+.

Women 55+ have credit cards and money and they’re interested in what you have to offer.

It just makes sense to find a way to target this audience and make the most of this opportunity, which is growing rapidly on Facebook. Now, so many people think in their heads that Facebook is for young kids or teenagers or college students. Yes, it is, but there’s a huge market in the 55+ market – men and women, but women especially. If your product or service can appeal to these women, then I think that you have a fabulous opportunity. Not many people are advertising to this group, so the cost-per-click is quite low at the moment. Maybe that will change after this video, but it’s really a great opportunity.

Now, there are a couple of things that I want to tell you that we’ve learned in targeting this audience.

Women 55+ do not all need diet offers. It just seems to me that people assume that, “Oh, yeah. I have a diet product and I’m going to advertise it to women 55+.” It’s not all of those women. That’s not the only thing that they’re interested in.

Try to expand it beyond diet and fitness and see what else, how else could you possibly appeal to this market. There are a lot of things that this market is into. I’m sure you can find that with a bit of demographic research.

Now, a couple of ways to target those people on Facebook are to find out, by going to Quantcast.com and enter your website. Find out if you have anybody in that target range. If you do, what other websites do they also visit? Now, you might find that they might also like cooking, travelling or recipes. A lot of those are very common. Women 55+ have families and have people that they need to feed and cook for. They want to go on vacations. They like to travel. They like hobbies (all different kinds of hobbies). They like to watch movies. They like to buy cars. All of those things are things to consider.

When you are creating your ads to appeal to these women, remember that they may not want to click on images of women who look like they’re 55+. Now, those of us who are perhaps close to 40 and above might still feel like we’re 23. I’m obviously not 23, but I don’t want to see images of women who are 55+. It’s not appealing to me.

We found that images of women who are 30-35 appeal most to that age group. Don’t stick images of older women in your ads when you’re appealing to older women or advertising to older women. The best click-through rates come when you use images of women who look like they’re between 30 and 35 because that’s how they feel. That’s how we feel. We feel young and vibrant and not like we’re ready for the nursing home.

Keep that in mind. See if there are some ways that you can tweak your advertising copy to appeal to that market and you will cash in.

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