10 Tips for Kick-Ass Landing Page Copy

There’s more to a great landing page than just the copy. But without solid, clear, focused writing, you might as well send people to your homepage.

Here are 10 tips for writing copy that closes the sale!

1.  Speak to your potential buyer’s deepest wish, dream, need, or desire. Immerse yourself in what it’s like to be them: Ask yourself not only what problem you’re solving (copywriting 101), but what is their underlying emotion?

2.  Write in the second person. Help people imagine that you’re talking directly to them. Talking about yourself is fine if you’re sharing a personal story, but for all other copy, remember to keep your potential buyers front and centre.

3.  Use bullet points and numbered lists. Many people are only going to skim your copy, so make it easy for them to see your main points easily.

4. Use short paragraphs. People read the beginnings and ends of paragraphs, so if you have 4-7 (or more) sentences in a  paragraph, much of that copy you worked so hard on is never going to be read.

5. Take out your navigation menu and sidebars. You want people to focus on the message of your landing page, not get distracted by ads, other pages, or links. Make the #1 focus of your page to get people to buy your product, sign up for your list, or whatever action it is you’re wanting them to take.

6. Break up your text. As mentioned in #3 and #4, people are going to skim your page. Help them by breaking up the copy with lots of white space, headings, bold text, etc.

7. Ask for one thing, and one thing only. It can be tempting to ask your visitor to sign up for your list, buy your product, visit your blog, etc., etc., but this is only going to leave them weary and confused. Make your call to action CLEAR, and make ONE call to action, not several. Decide what the exact purpose is of your page, and make sure ALL your copy supports this purpose.

8. Use direct language. This is not the time to get fancy. Be direct, clean, and concise.

9. Test your copy. Good copywriters will track conversions and tweak or rewrite as necessary. You don’t always get a hole in one on the first shot, and that’s OK.

10. Use AIDA. This is a tried and tested copywriting technique that’s a great rule of thumb for your landing page copy.

A - Attention

You need to grab their attention from the outset. If they don’t like what they see in the first few seconds, you’ve lost them. Make sure not only your headline is tight, but your first couple of paragraphs.

I - Interest

Now you’ve gotten them interested, it’s time to flesh things out a bit. Address the benefits of your product and continue to help them FEEL like this is a wise buying decision.

D - Desire

What does your potential buyer hope this product will do for them? What emotion, need or gut desire will it address? What are THE biggest benefits to buying your product?

A - Action

Get them to buy with a strong call-to-action.

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P.S. Always use a P.S. People read it. Use it to re-iterate your main point or call to action.

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