Differentiating Your Product or Service on Facebook

What makes you different from your competition?

An important consideration when promoting your product or business on Facebook is how do you differentiate yourself from others that offer a similar product or service?

YOU know you’re the best, but just telling people that somehow usually isn’t enough icon smile Differentiating Your Product or Service on Facebook

When you’re writing your ad copy or sales page, you’re going to need to be really quick to tell people why they should want what you’re selling – If you don’t, you risk losing their attention.

The problem is, when you’re so immersed in your own business, it can be hard to objectively figure out how you specifically ROCK better than your competitors.

So, we’ve tried to help by coming up with this list that will help you brainstorm various factors that set you apart!


  • Most durable
  • Longest lasting
  • Highly trained staff
  • Guaranteed free from defects
  • Most innovative
  • Known as exerts in the field
  • Highest level of education




  • Widest variety of products
  • Offer rare/scarce products or services
  • Widest range of services provided

 Good selection


 “objects not found on other private sale sites”


Customer Service

  • Fastest response times
  • Friendliest staff
  • Money-back guarantee
  • 24 hour support
  • Frequent communication with customers
  • Fastest delivery time


  • Been in business x # of years
  • Member in good standing with the BBB
  • Low return rate
  • High customer-satisfaction ratings

 “Online since 1999”


  • Fastest turnaround time
  • Fastest shipping
  • Fastest production
  • Fastest service


  • Best value for money
  • Lowest price
  • Price-matching guarantee
  • Best range of price points

“Lowest Prices”


“Best value”

Special services

  • Free shipping
  • Free support
  • Complimentary installation
  • Free delivery

“shipping is free”


  • Easiest to access
  • Longest hours of service
  • Easiest to find
  • Online access to services or information

Convenience: “entirely online”

Have you noticed that a majority of ads on Facebook that focus on differentiation talk about their price? “Cheapest”, “best value”, “cash-back”, etc.? Do you think we focus too much on price and not enough on other factors? Is focusing on low prices effective?

Would love to hear your thoughts below!

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