Elements of Your Facebook Ads Landing Page: The Content

Part Two: 5 Ways to Keep Fans on Your Landing Page (and Coming Back for More)

Once potential fans reach your landing page, you have a few precious seconds to captivate their attention in order to create fans and customers. As many of you know, Facebook’s average CTR (Click Through Rate) stands lower than what most marketers are accustomed to, so we have to maximize our window of opportunity on the landing page.

Before we can dive into tips and best practices, it is paramount to first determine what will be valuable to your ideal customer. What problem are you solving? What need are you meeting?

Once you determine the wants and needs of your ideal customer (you should be able to fully describe this person), then the next step is to match your message to the Facebook platform.

Facebook is a social networking site, so it feels comfortable, safe and fun for viewers. The more your message can fit into the natural flow of the Facebook user’s experience, the more likely you are to hold on to your viewer.

Here are FIVE TIPS to captivate the attention of your ideal customer with your landing page:

1. Pin up eye-popping photos

As Facebook advertisers know, the image in your ad is (almost) everything. So it stands to reason that along with perfecting the right headline for your landing page, you should also spend a lot of time selecting eye-catching photos. Keep the colors bright and vivid, and stay away from the color palette of Facebook (blues and silvers).

Here is a great example of an interesting photograph for a Burt’s Bees lip gloss. It’s a fun picture that has been dimmed so that we’ll select like. Be sure to notice the color scheme for the offer box.

Pin up eye-popping photos

2. Offer an engaging video

Videos have become extremely popular; so many advertisers are hopping in with a short video on their landing page. The video should be brief (under three minutes) and engaging.

Fitness expert and life coach, Chalene Johnson, has a quick video where she explains what you can expect to see on her Facebook page, that she (personally) writes all the posts and how much she enjoys reading comments.

Offer an engaging video

3. Bulleted lists highlight your offer

One technique to provide content on your landing page is to condense your offer to a quick list. Briefly describe the benefits as they are easy to scan and appear to be an offer of value.

Bulleted lists highlight your offer

4. Address barriers that might be keeping people from engaging with you

Depending on your type of business, you need to consider what barriers people may have to consuming your content and staying on your page. If you address these, you will have a higher chance of keeping them from bouncing back.

For example, if you teach people how to make money online, show them your personal side. Their defenses are up, and you need to find a way to remove them. The Facebook landing page for Viper Chill, and internet marketing site, addresses such concerns in his landing page.

By stating “I have nothing to sell you,” he takes you off guard because it’s so common to see the hype from the “gurus.” By mentioning that he won’t have annoying ads, he is assuaging your concerns that it might be an obnoxious “salesy” site.

Address barriers that might be keeping people from engaging with you

5. Make your landing page fun and interactive

When people open up their Facebook accounts, they are looking to connect with friends, family. You are competing for your viewers’ attention, so you have to find clever ways to grab it. Match the fun atmosphere that Facebook has worked tirelessly to preserve, and join in on the fun.

Starbucks has a great landing page that capitalizes on the popularity of their Pumpkin Spice Latte. They offer a “Carve your Pumpkin Pic” where you can have your image carved into a pumpkin. It’s festive and fun for people to share.

Make your landing page fun and interactive

Now it’s time to take action! Go to your Facebook page and take a look at all your content. Is it engaging, fun, personable and easy to use? How can you improve your page?

I’d love to hear from you-what are you doing right now that is working? What have you seen that has been eye-catching?

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