Engaging Your Community on Facebook

Engaging Your Community on Facebook

Engaging Your Community on Facebook

One of the hottest topics in Facebook advertising is the critical pivot from fan to customer. As you are attracting new fans to your page, there are specific techniques to keep people interested in your business, and interested in buying from your business. The dynamic nature of social media demands that we must find ways to provide greater value to our customers and potential customers.

Not exactly sure how to use your page? Liken your role to that of a host of a business cocktail party. You’ll want to ask questions, pay compliments, ‘like’ comments, offer great, timely information, tell stories and most importantly, engage your guests.

So want to know how to host a better party?

1. Invite your readers to join into the community

Facebook is an unmatched forum to ask questions of your fans and to gain more input from them. If you own a brick and mortar business, it is a place to see what adjustments your customers want. For example, if you are a gym owner and considering adding a new class, ask your readers which one they would like to see most or which time slot is most preferable.

This is give people increased ownership in your company. Resist the temptation to talk “at” your customers, by simply making announcements, and interact with them in such a way that invites their participation.

The retail store Target has an interactive, fun Facebook page where they pose questions like this to illicit responses from their community:

Another example of building an involved community online is a local coffee shop in Kentucky (U.S.). They have customers submit pictures of their coffee or coffee mugs from their travels all over the world.

2. Provide engaging behind the scenes photos and videos

Share the personal-yet still professional-side of your company. Facebook provides users the opportunity to “people watch” online. Use this to your advantage! Share interesting, behind-the-scenes photos and videos that will make your fans feel part of your community.

Here is an example of personal finance author, radio and television host, Dave Ramsey effectively giving us “behind the scenes photos.” On his page, you can find pictures of him preparing for a trailer or surfing behind a boat.

3. Offer rich content frequently

Think of the questions you receive most frequently from your customers and address it on your page. Be sure to add information frequently. Continuously ask yourself what your fans are looking for and provide it.

Remember that you are responsible for the tone on your Facebook page, and just like a cocktail party host, you should keep it sunny! Just as you wouldn’t let people dive into bad behavior at your home, you shouldn’t allow this kind of online behavior on your page.

4. Add a splash of personality

Facebook is fun and social, so your posts should have a splash of your personality. (But don’t forget, you are hosting something similar to a business cocktail party, so keep that in mind.) Find ways to share interesting details about your life.

If you are traveling, going to a conference, meeting up with other leaders in your niche, share this with your fans. Since you want to keep your focus on your fans, you will want to share sparingly, but your fans will most likely be interested in learning more about you.

To reinforce this personal connection, add your name before your past (with a colon or dash) or add it after your posting. This helps people to remember the person behind the business.

How do you engage?

What techniques have you found to be the best for your niche?

I bet you’ve tried a bunch of things that DO NOT work. Anything you can share with us here to avoid others making the same mistake?

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