Facebook Targeting by Connections

Connection targeting on Facebook allows you to advertise directly to those connected to your page, group, app or event. Connection targeting even allows you to target those connected to one type of content (e.g. your app) but not another (e.g. your page). This allows for highly-targeted, individualized advertising.

When choosing an external url for your ad, you only have the option of targeting users who are connected to your page, app or event, or who are not connected.

However if your landing page is your fan page, you have some additional options:

Basic Connection Targeting: Target those who are fans of your page, those who aren’t fans of your page.

Advanced Connection Targeting: Similar to basic targeting, however you can also advertise to those who have RSVP’d ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’ to your event, or who have used your app in the last 30 days.

Friends of Connections: Part of the advanced connection targeting, friends of connections lets you advertise to friends of those who already like your page, have used your app, are members of your group, or who are coming to your event. When you select this option, social content (‘Tom likes this page”) is displayed with your ad, making it more relevant and personal, as it implies endorsement by a friend.

You are currently only able to target those who are (or who whose friends are) connected to your Facebook content. Unfortunately, you are not able to target those who are connected to pages, groups or apps you don’t administer (how sweet would that be?).

When to Target those Already Connected to your Page

If you’re offering a discount or deal to your fans, want to advertise a new product, or make a big announcement, you may want to use connection targeting.

When to Target only those Not Connected to your Page

If you’re running a campaign with the goal of increasing your fan base, it’s a waste of money to include those who already like your page. Any ads stating ‘Like our page’, or ‘Click to like’ should be directed only to those not connected (Most people find this obvious in theory, but some people forget this when creating their campaign). Don’t waste CPC’s on fans you’ve already acquired!

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