Facebook Targeting By Zip Code

Facebook Targeting By Zip Code

Facebook Targeting By Zip Code

This past August, Facebook rolled out a new targeting option for ads.

We’ve always been able to target by location, but could only get as specific as city. Now we can advertise directly to users in specific neighborhoods using zip code targeting.

So far, this feature appears to only be available to US advertisers, but I can only imagine this will expand to other countries soon.

Who Can Benefit from Zip Code Targeting?

Right off the bat, I can think of a few particular groups that will benefit the most.

Small Local Businesses Looking for Hyper-Local Traffic

  • A cafe looking for lunchtime foot-traffic from neighboring office buildings.
  • A corner grocery store wanting to advertise only to those in their neighorhood.
  • A taxi company looking to target users in remote areas of the city where public transportation isn’t available.
  • Realtors who want to increase business in certain areas

Nationwide or Citywide Chains With Local Branches

Larger chains that may have several branches in one city can advertise directly to those in neighboring areas. This is ideal when certain branches are just opening or are struggling to gain clients, while others are more established and are not needing to advertise.

Political Candidates

Zip code targeting allows even more control over who ads are delivered to.

Residents in the eastern part of the city worried about crime control? Deliver a ‘Tough on Crime’ ad.

Residents in the western part concerned about high property taxes? Roll out your ‘Reduce taxes’ ad.

Religious Institutions

Why target the entire city when you know most of your parishioners will want to attend a church nearby?

Having a food drive or looking for donations? You’re much more likely to receive a response from those in your own neighborhood with whom you’ve already established credibility.


Doing some fundraising? Why not reach out to nearby homeowners, and not just the parents of your students?

Looking to increase enrolment, or get the word out about an upcoming registration deadline? Use zip code targeting to replace or supplement email and door-to-door campaigns.


As if Facebook didn’t have enough targeting options already! I’m not complaining, mind you.

Is it possible that eventually we’ll be able to target by street? By what school our children attend? By what places we’ve checked into?

What do you think is next in terms of location-based targeting?

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