How Effective Is Your Facebook Landing Page?

Effective Landing Page or a Maze?

When you’re advertising with Facebook you have the option to send traffic to your fan page or to a landing page. It’s very important to take the time to decide where you want to your traffic to go. Your ad is one thing but where you’re sending the traffic is something completely different and it is absolutely worth giving as much attention to as the ad itself. Your landing page can mean the difference between acquiring or losing customers.

Keep in mind that landing pages on Facebook differ dramatically from those on Google AdWords. When you create a landing page for Google AdWords, you need it to be keyword-rich. On Facebook you don’t have the same restrictions. Your landing page has to be relevant and connected to your ad but it doesn’t have to be full of keywords in the same way. This frees you up to create a very simple and clean landing page.

The most successful landing pages are straightforward, free from confusion about what to do or where to click next. Ideally you will have answered any questions that your customer may have about the product or service. And, of course, it should be interesting, clear, and visually appealing and include: a photo or video explaining your sales message, a simple opt-in form, a few bullet points and that’s it.


Here are some traits that excellent landing pages have in common:

  • The customer knows exactly what is being advertised. The product is prominently featured and the price is listed.
  • It is very clear what you’re supposed to do once you get to the page. For example, a “buy now” button or a simple one or two-field opt-in.
  • Keywords may be highlighted within the text of the ad, reinforcing the interests of the targeted consumer. For instance, stating in bold within the text copy that a product may make a person feel “confident” or look “healthy”.

On the other hand, a problematic landing page can so easily lose, confuse, or turn-off your potential customers. Often ineffective landing pages distract people or overwhelm them with too much unnecessary information. It is doubtful that a landing page that is very busy, with several disconnected elements will convert well for a business.

Here are some things to avoid when creating your landing page:

  • Resist the temptation to ask for tons of detail. People are far more likely to provide a quick email address than enter in name, address, phone number, etc. Not only is it time-consuming but often people are reluctant to give so much away upfront. Over the past few years and hundreds of thousands of impressions on Facebook, we have had the best results with simple, one or two-field opt in pages.
  • Another mistake is a confusing layout with seemingly unrelated elements. Keep it simple and focus specifically on your advertised product.
  • Occasionally you’ll see geo-targeting mistakes that can so easily be avoided. For example, an ad targeted to women in Canada with the price of the product listed in US dollars by default.
  • Finally sometimes people haven’t gone in to check their ads and don’t even realize that some aspects of their page aren’t working. Test it properly to make sure everything looks good and is running smoothly.

Are you struggling with your landing page?

Comment in the box below and tell us what questions you have …

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