How To Optimize Your Business Facebook Page for Graph Search

Want your business Facebook page to stand out from the crowd?


Implement these kick-ass Facebook Page optimization techniques and you’ll be way ahead of the competition!

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Stand out from the crowd ...

Facebook introduced Graph Search - the Facebook Search Engine - back in January 2013. However, it’s now become a hot topic on everyone’s lips. All of a sudden, keywords are becoming more important than ever!

The new Facebook Graph Search algorithm uses keywords to help users find people, pages, businesses, clubs who share the same interests.

Just like SEO, Facebook Graph Search Optimization (FSO - if you will) utilizes a number of factors to determine your Facebook page’s relevance for a particular user. In plain English, this means you never know exactly what Facebook are thinking, or how they are going to determine who reaches the top of the list. But there are a few things you can do to ensure you have a fighting chance.

How your page can stand out in the Graph Search on Facebook:

    1. NAME IT: Claim Your Page Name. Choose a good page name using your business name and/or location. Remember to keep it short and simple.
    2. CATEGORIZE IT: Choose Your Business Category & Sub-Categories. Most pages can choose 3 sub-categories.
    3. RESEARCH IT: Find the most relevant keywords for your business. These can be your main SEO keywords, keywords from your AdWords campaigns, or even keywords from Google Analytics. If you need help discovering your most profitable keywords, we can help
    4. EXPLAIN IT: Provide Detail & keywords in our “About”, “Mission”, and “Company Description” sections of your page and profile. The more detail you can provide here, the better. Use strong, relevant keywords and clickable URLs for best results.
    5. BUILD IT: Use Relevant Apps : Surveys, Forms, Menus, Newsletters, Ebooks, Contests, etc. Apps make it easy for Fans to find your content. When you only post status updates, they get lost in a matter of days. By keeping your relevant information in an app, most info is quickly retrievable.
    6. EXPAND IT: Implement Facebook Tabs. Utilize the space below your Timeline image for custom tabs - landing pages inside Facebook. Create your own version of a Facebook mini-website. Keep tabs for lead generation, sales of top products, promos & giveaways, free downloads, etc.
    7. DEVELOP IT: Develop an interactive, engaging, entertaining page post style that suits your brand. This is SO important! Find your voice, and use it in your posts. Engagement is everything on Facebook, so it’s worth investing some time in getting your message right. Regular, entertaining posts will keep users coming back for more.
    8. SHARE IT: Encourage content sharing : Make it easy for people to share your content by posting plenty of photos and videos. Keep videos very short (under 3 minutes) and have them subtly branded with your company name and/or URL.
    9. DISCUSS IT: Communication is a 2 way street : chat, reply, tag, interact with your readers/fans regularly. Many big brands totally overlook this aspect of social media. Ignore this, and you will FAIL. Discuss hot topics, confront blunders head on, answer questions, and be fair, honest, and straightforward.
    10. TAG IT: Tag photos with your page name, be sure to include your business name and location in the description. Tagging photos is a great way to ensure your page will be seen when customers are searching for a business like yours.

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