Is Your Facebook Strategy Effective?

Internet marketers who do not include social marketing in their overall strategy are missing out on a powerful traffic source. To be a successful internet marketer, one has to harness the power of social networks, particularly Facebook. Facebook Advertising is an area that all internet marketers should be embracing, mostly because of the sheer volume of people accessing the site at any given time of the day.

To generate traffic to sites, successful internet marketers and online businesses implement a solid Facebook traffic strategy, which requires research, training and strategic implementation. Facebook Advertising can be risky, and it takes someone who has learned strategies and successfully implemented them to convert FB ads into buying clients.

To be that someone, you have to study the competition and check the demographics – to basically ʻtest the watersʼ and see how Facebook users interact with each other – and find the thin line in between ʻlookersʼ and ʻbuyersʼ. Those with a genuine interest will become ʻqualifiedʼ site traffic, the most likely to convert as action takers.

What are the specifics that all business owners and internet marketers need to know to make their Facebook traffic strategy successful?

• Know Your Audience. Facebook as an advertising platform allows advertisers to target a specific audience based on a set demographic criterion. Advertisers can choose audiences based on age, location, gender, relationship status, education and interests. Targeting the right audience will boost the traffic for landing pages.

• Learn How To Make Compelling Ad Copy. An ad copy can make or break advertising campaigns. The key to make convincing ad copies is to first know your audience. Know what makes them tick and write your copy accordingly.

• Create A Facebook Fan Page. A Facebook Fan Page is a great way to show Facebook users that you, as a company, care about them enough to create a page where they can voice their opinions about your products or services. Social proof such as this is a powerful marketing tool. Your Facebook Fan Page must stand out and must give a clear definition of who you are with enough outlets to contact you online and offline.

• Add A Call To Action. Let your Facebook fans know what you need them to do. Lead them to a contact form, a sign-up form and even to your shopping cart. Be creative with your call to action, let it stand out and be completely accessible to everyone.

• Reward your followers. Facebook users are very receptive to contests and giveaways. Be creative, you can reward followers by providing them exclusive content or you can give a free download or even a coupon for everyone who likes your page.

Running a Facebook Advertising campaign can take a lot of time and effort, but there are a lot of ways to make a Facebook traffic strategy successful. Learning from a proven expert is a good first step. Once you know the basics, you are only hindered by your imagination.

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