Getting Your Landing Pages to Convert

Today we’re going to let you in on some secrets normally only available to our FB Insights members.

Since the recent changeover to timeline format for pages, we can unfortunately no longer direct organic traffic to a custom landing tab. However, we CAN direct traffic from Facebook ads to a custom landing page, so all is not lost.

But regardless of whether you’re sending people to your Facebook page or your website, there are some basic steps you can and should take…IF you want them to convert, that is (and I’m assuming that’s the case).

Use a Unique Landing Page

Whether you’re using a custom Facebook landing page or a page on your website, make sure it’s unique for the product you’re promoting with your ad. For instance, if you’re promoting a yellow widget, the landing page should be for a yellow widget, not just a general product page or worse yet, your homepage (eek).

It’s also really important to think about your target market and what they’ll be expecting when they click through to your page.

What do they like?

What’s their situation?

What are their tastes and preferences?

Landing pages are NOT a one-size-fits-all proposition. Ask yourself, who’s your audience? Who will be visiting this page?

Is it a savvy marketer who will be expecting bold colours and images, slick copy, and testimonials from well-known internet marketing professionals? Or is it a stay-at-home-mom who wants calming colours, a more personal tone to the copy, and testimonials from other moms?

For one product, you may even have 3 or 4 unique landing pages, depending on who you’re targeting in a given campaign.

Be Consistent.

Make sure your ad and your landing page are consistent and cohesive, both in design and in content.

The design and copy of your landing page should not be  surprise, but a continuation of your ad. Use the same headline, the same colours, style, tone, images, and copy.

Your ad copy should tell them what to expect when they click on the ad, and your landing page should deliver.

Being consistent between your ad and your landing page will also benefit you in terms of the likelihood of getting your FB ads approved.

Use Discount Codes

This is huge for conversions. Time limited offers work especially well.

“Only 9 hours left until this special offer expires!”  (Just make sure it actually does expire in 9 hours). There are scripts you can download and implement that will actually put a countdown clock on your page. If your visitor comes back later for another visit, the script will even have remembered them and will show them the time remaining.

In our FB Insights program, we offer 2 more insider tips to increase the conversions of your landing pages. Sign up today for instant access to this training and more!

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Photo credit: Sujin Jetkasettakorn

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