Should You Be Selling with Features or Benefits on Facebook?

Should You Be Selling with Features or Benefits on Facebook?

When you are writing Facebook ads, are you selling with benefits or features?  Or both?I know, I know, you’ve all heard the old marketing adage, “Sell with benefits, not features.”

But your market is savvy, and they could respond well if you give them both-strategically.  If you are new to the ‘benefits over features’ argument, let me quickly show you the difference between the two.

Features and benefits can be seen here:



It has 4 GB of internal memory and built-in WIFI.


You can store over 3,000 books in one device, and you will be able to search and purchase a book in 60 seconds-which will come in handy when you are traveling.

Features are the facts about the product or service, and the benefits are why the customer would want it.  See, the distinction is that with features, it is a discussion about the product or service, while benefit is a discussion about the buyer, which is why it’s more popular.

But online buyers are particularly sharp and generally know what they are looking for in a product or service, so you must also appeal to the side of them that wants the information, too.

Copyblogger has an interesting way of putting it, “We’re not as logical as we’d like to think we are. Most of our decisions are based on deep-rooted emotional motivations, which we then justify with logical processes. So, first help the right brain create desire, then satisfy the left brain with features and hard data so that the wallet actually emerges.”

Creating Desire

The most effective benefits are ones that are linked to our basic instincts. Think: security, reproduction (sex), self actualization, status, etc.

You have probably seen ads where someone is telling you that they used a new traffic generation system, and they made so much money that they quit their job, bought a sports car, and went on a Caribbean vacation in just a few months.  (I know you’ve heard this one, right?!!)

Think about it-quitting the job, buying the car and a vacation has NOTHING to do with a traffic generation system, but the ads mention this because they are appealing to a basic instinct-status.

Let’s take this same traffic generating program, and lay out exactly how to stress the benefits and features. The benefit statements (linked to the basic instinct of security) could be, “Double your business this year,” or “Want to earn twice as much money this year?”  Then, back it up with the features, such as, “On average, our clients see a 300% increase in traffic, and 100% increase in sales within the first year.”

Grab your audience with a picture of what it is that they want, then drive home the point with the facts to ‘close the sale’.

What has been your experience with benefits vs. features advertising?  What benefits have caused your clients to pull out their wallets? What’s working for you right now?

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