What Exactly Are You Selling?


This month on the FB Ads Lab blog, we’re doing to be delving into the question of how to determine exactly what it is you’re selling or promoting.

Now obviously you’re going to be promoting your company – But if you stop there, you’re only going to be scratching the surface, and in the end will have no real way of knowing whether your efforts were successful.

Today we’re going to dig in and talk about a framework you can (should) use before each and every ad campaign to make sure you’re laser-focussed and directing all your money and effort in a singular direction, toward a clearly articulated goal.

Here goes!

Question 1: Am I promoting a product, a service, or an event?

Remember, you’re not just promoting your business. Be specific.

Unless your campaign is simply about raising brand awareness, you should have a clear idea of what you’re promoting, and what you want people to do as a result of seeing your ad.

This may sound uber-obvious, but oftentimes when starting a Facebook campaign, the only real goal we’ve articulated is ‘to get sales’.

How are you going to do this?  Through selling more products? Getting leads? Signing new clients? Getting event registrants?

Question 2: What exactly do I want to come out of this ad?

Obviously you want people to click on your ad, or hit ‘like’ if you’re promoting your fan page.

If I’m hoping for increased sales, what kind of ROI do I need? Which specific products am I trying to sell through this campaign? How many sales would make the cost of this ad worthwhile?

If I’m wanting more email subscribers, what is the value each of my subscribers brings to my bottom line? (If you’re spending money to get subscribers, this is a question you have to ask yourself!).

If I’m advertising an event, how many of each type of ticket do I need to sell? Do I want people to register immediately, or am I just trying to capture email addresses right now?

Is my ad content congruent with my goals for this campaign?

Question 3:Is my ad meeting it’s goals?

We all know the importance of tracking our ad campaigns. Once your ad has been running for a little while, it’s time to take a serious look at whether the goals we set in #2 are being met.

If we assume that sales will continue throughout the rest of our campaign at the same rate, am I on track to make a decent ROI? Would it be beneficial to focus on another product at this point?

Am I happy with the number of email signups I’ve gotten so far? Is there anything I can do to bump up this number a bit?

Have I reached my goals in terms of event registrations? Should I pause this campaign and tweak my ads, or am I ok with how things are going?

Believe me, there are so many more questions you could be asking yourself when defining what exactly you’re promoting.

However these 3 questions are a good starting point to make sure you’re focussed and clear on not only what you’re selling, but on your ultimate goals for your ad.

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This post is one of a kind.

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