Where Should I Send My PPC Traffic?

We’ve talked in the past about whether you should send your PPC traffic to your fan page or to a landing page on your
website. But seeing as this is a question I get asked nearly every day, I thought it would be good to revisit it.

The absolute BEST answer I can give to this question is, “Test and see what works for you“. I know this sounds like a bit of a cop-out, but as with many other aspects of Facebook marketing, testing is by far the best way to know what’s working and what’s not.

That said, there are some situations when one or the other is preferable.

When to Send PPC Traffic Offsite

If you already have an established brand with a solid sales funnel that has a proven track record of converting, definitely try sending your Facebook PPC traffic to your offsite landing page.

For instance, if you’ve already been using Google Adwords successfully, you can try using the same strategy and landing page in your Facebook ads. Just remember to keep your Facebook ads (copy, images, style, etc.) consistent with the landing page you’re sending people to.

Another situation in which you may want to send your PPC traffic offsite (meaning off Facebook, to an external url) is if you’re looking for a direct, immediate sale.

This is NOT EASY!

Getting direct sales from Facebook ads is tricky. People who are browsing on Facebook aren’t looking to solve a problem…they’re looking to connect with friends, play games, or kill time (this is a major difference between Google Adwords and Facebook ads.)

(This is a whole issue on it’s own…more about this in another post).

When to Send PPC Traffic to Your Fan Page


When people are sent to your timeline, they’re likely to:

a) Get bored quickly and leave

b) Get confused and leave

c) Look around for a few minutes, then leave.

Do you see the common thread here? You have to use a custom landing tab. Since the changeover to timeline for pages, you can’t direct organic traffic to your landing tab, but you can and should definitely still send your paid traffic there.

So, back to the question of when to send traffic to your fan page? If you’re looking to establish your brand, get people on Facebook talking about your company, increase your fan base, or capture emails, I’d recommend sending your PPC traffic to your fan page.

Another benefit to directing your traffic to your fan page is that Facebook rewards advertisers for keeping traffic within Facebook: Internal ads are generally displayed above offsite ones, and the CPC is generally MUCH lower (as in, up to 50% lower).


There will definitely be situations in which the general rules above don’t apply, but overall these are good to keep in mind. Test, test, test, and you will quickly find out what works best for your business and product!

Next up: Tips for Increasing your landing page conversion.

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