8 Powerful Headline Types for Your Facebook Ad


Facebook ad headlines: So little, and yet so powerful.

While your image will be the most significant factor in the click through rate of your ad, your headline still contributes around 15% to it’s success.

First things first: You need to know how many characters you have for your headline. The maximum character limit is 25 (including spaces). BUT, I highly recommend keeping your headline to a maximum of 15 characters, in order to keep it all on one line. This means you have 3-4 words max to get your point across. Not an easy task!

If you have experience in copywriting, this is going to help tremendously as you write your headline. If you’re well-versed in writing Google ads or other PPC copy, even better. But if you’re not, I’m going to share 8 headline types from Robert Bly’s fabulous book, ‘The Copywriter’s Handbook‘.

8 Powerful Headline Types


This is perhaps the simplest type of headline to come up with, especially if you’re not particularly creative. These headlines are simple, clear, and say exactly what people will be getting when they click on the ad. These often mention a price or savings so people will know there’s a cost involved.

  • 30% off t-shirts today
  • Overnight stay $99
  • Save 20% before March 15


Unlike with direct headlines, indirect headlines are meant to evoke curiosity. Many times this will mean using phrases that could have multiple meanings, like ‘Plenty of fish in the sea‘, or ‘It only takes one‘. The idea is to get pique people’s interest and get them to click on the ad to find out more.

News Headline

When you have something newsworthy to share, the news headline works well. News headlines are very direct, simple, and speak for themselves. They could be something like:

  • Introducing John Johnson
  • Now carrying Toms
  • Announcing new product xyz


This is pretty self-explanatory. This is a highly successful headline to try - People love to have their problems solved! Ask yourself: What problem does your product solve? What are you improving on? What are you teaching? These could be something like:

  • How to get a date
  • How to get groceries free
  • How to learn French
  • How to succeed in business


When people see a question, they tend to automatically answer it in their head. This is a great way to get them engaged immediately with your ad. Questions, when done right, evoke curiosity and encourage click throughs to find the answer. Some examples could be:

  • Are you paying too much?
  • Have you seen this?
  • Do you feel safe?


Be a bit careful with this one! Commands, when used wrong, can mean alienating people rather than engaging them. When done right however, using a directive can mean very high click-throughs and sales. People know exactly what you want them to do  - there is no ambiguity here!

  • Click this ad now
  • Hit Like
  • Click link to buy


This one can require a bit more work and a lot more creativity. Try coming up with a list of reasons that will entice people to click through to find out more. Just remember to deliver by including the reasons on your landing page!

  • 5 ways to get a date
  • 8 tricks for selling more product
  • Top 3 reasons most business fail


If you know someone influential in your niche who would be willing to give you a testimonial, these can be *extremely* effective. Couple that with their image and target the ad to their fans, and watch your sales skyrocket! Just be sure to ask for permission before using their picture of quote in the ad!


Do you tend to use the same type of headline across the board? Do you have one type that always delivers well for you? Let me know in the comments below!

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P.S. If you found this helpful, we have loads more tips on writing your ad copy in our Insights Program. Stop guessing whether your copy is effective and learn tried and proven techniques for getting those click-throughs!

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