Facebook Advertising

The Facebook IPO and share price has been all over the news. Everyone is running scared, saying terrible things about Facebook’s Advertising platform. I can’t hold my tongue any longer. Here’s my little rant, with some facts to back it up. **Please note: The statements made are my personal opinion only and I am not [...]

“How can I get my Facebook Ad approved quickly?”   The rules for advertising inside Facebook Ads change regularly and now the common theme seems to be that people are struggling to get their ads approved. If you’re submitting great Facebook ad images and you’re being told your image doesn’t match the content, you’re not [...]

How Much Does it Cost to Advertise on Facebook? This is a common question we get asked here at FB Ads Lab, and unfortunately it’s difficult to give a one-size-fits-all answer. I guess the best answer I can give is ‘Whatever you want it to cost‘. With Facebook advertising, you are completely in control of [...]

A Caveman’s Guide to Facebook Advertising If you’re looking to spice up your Facebook ads, you need look no further than what would have caught the eye of primitive man.  Huh?  While yes, many things have changed over the centuries, but you’ll be interested to know that attraction hasn’t actually changed very much since the [...]

There’s Still Time to Rock Out on Facebook in 2011 Although there are just a couple weeks left in 2011, there is still time to make money with your Facebook ads before you ring in the New Year.  In a recent podcast with Justin Goff, of Marketing, Money, Mayhem, I talked about some very specific [...]

Promoting an Event on a Budget If you are bumping up against the edge of your marketing budget, don’t discount your ability to still get traction on Facebook.  Through the proper utilization of free and reasonably-priced tools, you can spread the news about your event without breaking the bank. Here are three budget-friendly strategies to [...]