Facebook Marketing

4 Apps Your Facebook Page Can’t Live Without With thousands of apps available for your business page, it’s hard to figure out which ones will actually make your life a little easier. We’ve cut through the clutter and come up with the 4 apps you can’t (or shouldn’t) live without. RSS Graffiti With over 1,400,000 [...]

Do You Have What it Takes to be an Internet Marketing Superstar? We are a unique breed. Talk of bounce rates, A/B split testing, conversions, affiliate marketing and page impressions get us excited (maybe a bit TOO excited). In our free-time, pulling out a Seth Godin book, re-reading training material from Ryan Deiss, or checking [...]

“How can I get my Facebook Ad approved quickly?”   The rules for advertising inside Facebook Ads change regularly and now the common theme seems to be that people are struggling to get their ads approved. If you’re submitting great Facebook ad images and you’re being told your image doesn’t match the content, you’re not [...]

5 New Year’s Resolutions for Facebook Marketers We often think about our personal New Year’s resolutions – getting to the gym more frequently, making more time for fun and relaxation, or cutting down on carbs, to name a few. But now is also a great time to think about resolutions you can make for your [...]

A Caveman’s Guide to Facebook Advertising If you’re looking to spice up your Facebook ads, you need look no further than what would have caught the eye of primitive man.  Huh?  While yes, many things have changed over the centuries, but you’ll be interested to know that attraction hasn’t actually changed very much since the [...]

Advertising and Promoting an Event on Facebook You probably already know you can create an event on Facebook that you can invite your friends and fans to. But what you may not know is that Facebook also gives you the option to promote your event directly via Facebook ads. This lets you reach a much [...]