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Top Free Facebook Landing Page Creators The switch back in March 2011 from FBML to Iframes left a lot of page owners scrambling to figure out how to create a landing page. While the old format still worked, if you needed to create a new landing page, you had to learn a whole new method [...]

The Hidden Cost of Buying Facebook Fans For business owners looking to grow their Facebook presence, the temptation to ‘buy’ Facebook fans is a great one. Having too few fans of your business seems a bit like a having a party with too few guests. As the desire for social proof grows, so too can [...]

Engaging Your Community on Facebook One of the hottest topics in Facebook advertising is the critical pivot from fan to customer. As you are attracting new fans to your page, there are specific techniques to keep people interested in your business, and interested in buying from your business. The dynamic nature of social media demands [...]

Every day someone asks me: “Do I need a Facebook Page?” Yes. I strongly encourage you to have a Facebook Page before you ever spend a dime on PPC. (There are a few exceptions to this rule, but not many. Affiliate marketers, Lead Gen, etc.) You DO need a fan page for your business/service/product/program, and [...]

UPDATE: Watch this quick video to see our Top Ten Tips for Facebook Fan Page Engagement Video Social Media experts are like ants at a picnic. They’re everywhere. If you’re anything like me, your Google Reader is filled with blog posts telling you how to get more Facebook Fans, how to fill your Facebook page with new [...]