Facebook Targeting

Want the inside scoop on Facebook Ads targeting?   Here is how we do it at FB Ads Lab … Enjoy!   Also … this video features an interactive transcript. Click on any part of the transcript and you’ll jump to that part of the video. I wonder if this feature is useful for you [...]

In our last post, we talked about targeting by age and gender. Today I thought I’d touch briefly on language targeting options. Bear with me, Facebook marketing pro’s, this is for those among us who are new to Facebook ads! With Facebook now available in over 100 languages, the opportunity for language-targeting is HUGE. Although [...]

Connection targeting on Facebook allows you to advertise directly to those connected to your page, group, app or event. Connection targeting even allows you to target those connected to one type of content (e.g. your app) but not another (e.g. your page). This allows for highly-targeted, individualized advertising. When choosing an external url for your [...]

If you’ve advertised at all on Facebook, I’ll bet you’re already familiar with interests targeting. This is arguably the most important and useful targeting feature available to advertisers. Why? Because with interest targeting, Facebook accesses pretty much each and every piece of information you’ve posted on your timeline. Unlike other targeting option, where Facebook uses [...]

Over the next few weeks, we’re going to be talking about all the nitty-gritty details of Facebook targeting. As we’ve discussed before, one of the best things about Facebook advertising is the ability to target  specific groups of user (see here and here for more on targeting). No other methods of online advertising give you [...]

I hesitated to even cover this topic in a post, because really, it’s pretty self-explanatory: Facebook lets you target by age and gender. The End. But after looking through my notes, I think I may be able to offer something of value on the topic after all. Here are a few tidbits you may not already know. [...]