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The FB Ads Lab ‘Like’ Challenge Especially when you’re first starting out, you may not want to invest in Facebook ads to grow your fan page (although trust me, it’s a great way to do it!). A friend recently asked me what my best advice is for increasing ‘likes’ without buying ads. I have chiselled [...]

Facebook Places for Local Business Owners Facebook places are a unique way for users to check-in to your business, and see which of their friends have checked-in, both now and in the past. Places pages contain basic information about your business, and most importantly a map provided by Bing. Using the places functionality on Facebook [...]

8 Ways to Jump-Start Your Fan Page Growth

5 Reasons Why You Can No Longer Avoid Facebook It seems some business owners are still thinking that it’s optional to have a fan page on Facebook. Hello!!! Have you been listening to me???? Maybe they’re thinking, “When I have a bit more time to investigate what this is all about, I’ll set up a [...]

The Hidden Cost of Buying Facebook Fans For business owners looking to grow their Facebook presence, the temptation to ‘buy’ Facebook fans is a great one. Having too few fans of your business seems a bit like a having a party with too few guests. As the desire for social proof grows, so too can [...]

Engaging Your Community on Facebook One of the hottest topics in Facebook advertising is the critical pivot from fan to customer. As you are attracting new fans to your page, there are specific techniques to keep people interested in your business, and interested in buying from your business. The dynamic nature of social media demands [...]