FB Ads

Is a strong call-to-action really necessary? I mean, people spend a lot of time online. They know what to do, how to find what they need, and surely, they know that if they want what your ad is offering, they simply need to click on the ad to find out more, right? Yes and no. [...]

In this third post in our series on essential elements of your Facebook ad copy, we’re going to talk briefly about promoting the benefits and features of your product. We’ve covered this in the past in terms of landing page copy, but it’s important, and worth visiting again: People don’t buy something based on it’s [...]

Many people ask me “Can Facebook track views to my profile?” While Facebook do know the IP address, basic profile information of people who visit your page, detailed information is never released to the public. At the time of this writing, there are no apps, scripts, or tools that can tell you who visits your [...]

Today, I want to start with “When It’s Right to Start with Facebook Ads.” I get emails asking, “Are Facebook Ads right for everyone?” The answer is, “No, they are not.” Facebook Ads will work best for people, businesses and affiliates who have a good converting offer, whether it is Google Ads or is already [...]