Jennifer Sheahan

Amy Porterfield recently brought together 9 top experts in the Facebook marketing arena, and asked the question: What’s your BEST tip when it comes to advertising on Facebook? Whether you’ve thought about advertising on Facebook but haven’t gotten around to it, or whether you’ve tried it but with dismal results, or even if you’re already [...]

“How do I use Facebook Ads for my Business?” Facebook ads are an advertising tool that gets skepticism. It seems not many people understand how or if it will really work for them. Are you one of these people? What kind of results can I expect to achieve? What will my clicks cost? What kind [...]

If you’re just getting started with Facebook PPC advertising, chances are you want to know which method of bidding is better, CPC or CPM. This is a question that is covered in detail inside our Facebook ad course  because it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your Facebook advertising campaign. Sometimes CPM is [...]

As a marketer there is one thing you should always be doing, and it is possibly the one thing that most marketers take for granted and do not do. That one thing is optimizing your ads, by testing them. Each and every part of your ad should be tested. You can make multiple ads and, [...]

I can’t emphasize enough how critical images are in Facebook PPC advertising. They are the single most important aspect of your ad. Tests have been done using fabricated ads, with absolute gibberish in the headline and nonsensical ad copy but a fantastic, inviting image. And guess what? People clicked! It is estimated that 70% of [...]