Social Media Marketing

Hi, everybody. It’s Jennifer from FB Ads Lab. Today, I want to talk to you about sending your traffic to a landing page on your website or to a Facebook fan page. Now, I get this question almost every single day. It is amazing how many people want to know what is working better. Right [...]

Hello, everyone. It’s Jennifer from the FB Ads Lab. Today, I’d like to speak to you a little bit about the recent rash  — I guess there’s no better word for it – of disapprovals that we’re seeing coming through. If you are offering a legitimate product, a legitimate service and all of a sudden, [...]

It is so important to take the time to work on your ad’s headline. Your headline is the second most important part of your ad. It sets people up to take action on your site- to subscribe, get involved, or buy your product or service. It should summarize in just a few words the whole [...]

I can’t emphasize enough how critical images are in Facebook PPC advertising. They are the single most important aspect of your ad. Tests have been done using fabricated ads, with absolute gibberish in the headline and nonsensical ad copy but a fantastic, inviting image. And guess what? People clicked! It is estimated that 70% of [...]

When you’re advertising with Facebook you have the option to send traffic to your fan page or to a landing page. It’s very important to take the time to decide where you want to your traffic to go. Your ad is one thing but where you’re sending the traffic is something completely different and it [...]

Facebook has introduced a new Ads Manager and it’s now easier to manage your campaigns and see at a glance how your ads are doing. The fantastic audience graph let you see the number of users your ads actually reached (as opposed to your entire targeted audience). Constantly updated metrics let you see how people [...]