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Want to sell more stuff using social media? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Watch this quick video for 8 Tips for Small Business Owners: Sell More with Facebook Need help?  Get in touch with our team by clicking here.   At the 10:52 mark I discuss the different Facebook ad formats and how [...]

Wow, who knew there were enough ‘not to do’s’ to have 3 entire posts dedicated to the topic! There’s a reason we’re covering this topic in such great detail though - your Facebook ad image is so little, yet so incredibly crucial to the success of your ad. We’ve covered a bunch of ‘not to [...]

The most recent addition to Facebook’s advertising platform, Sponsored Stories, has brought plenty of discussion and controversy to internet marketing circles. What are Facebook Sponsored Stories? Sponsored stories combine content that is both user driven and paid for by the advertiser. Brands that are seeing success with this format are the same huge, well-known brands [...]